Request For Qualifications

Millers Creek

Special District





Release Date: Friday, April 7, 2017


Professional Engineering Services for:


Millers Creek Dredging Design Services


Proposals Due: Friday, April 28, 2017



Proposal(s) shall be sealed and clearly marked with the RFQ # and Project Title.

Submit one (1) original, (3) copies, and one (1) PDF electronic copy of the qualifications to: Christopher Rose,, telephone (703) 980-1359



The “Millers Creek Special District”, hereafter referred to as the “District”, created for the limited purpose of maintaining the portion of Millers Creek adjacent to the properties within the district’s boundaries to enable continuing access to the St. Johns River. The District is soliciting the Professional Engineering Services request for qualifications to provide plans and specifications necessary to permit and perform dredging operations within Millers Creek in Jacksonville, Florida.







The Millers Creek Special District is seeking qualifications from experienced and well- qualified licensed Florida professionals to calculate dredging sediment volumes; provide a sediment quality assessment to the relevant permitting agencies in support of episode approvals; prepare and provide engineering plans for bidding purposes; and provide construction administration services. The project is located at Millers Creek, Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida. The extent of the work includes the north entrance at the confluence of the St. Johns River extending southward to just north of Atlantic Boulevard from shore to shore except near the St. Johns River where the dredging will be approximately from the eastern shore to approximately 150 feet west of the eastern shoreline.


The project scope consists of:


  1. Sediment testing as required for permitting spoils, dewatering, and


  1. Review existing conditions bathymetric survey performed in 2016, provided by the District.


  1. Generate quantities and prepare construction


  1. Pre-application meeting with the relevant regulatory


  1. Submit permit application to the relevant regulatory agencies for dredging episode in


  1. Prepare final plans, technical specifications, and bid documents to enter in contract with a dredging


  1. Perform construction


  1. Provide recommendations for final contract




For inquiries regarding this request, contact Christopher Rose at or telephone (703) 980-1359. The District will compile and respond to all respondents’ questions via email or an amendment issued to all respondents.

The tentative contract schedule for the subject project isas follows: Issue RFQ                                       April 7, 2017

Deadline for Comments                                               April 21, 2017

Qualifications due                                                       April 28, 2017

Selection of Consultant                                                May 15, 2017

Notice of Award                                                           May 16, 2017





Proposals shall be enclosed in a single sealed package. Respondent’s name and address shall appear in the upper left-hand corner of the package. All qualifications shall be identified with Millers Creek Dredging Design Services RFQ # 2017-A legibly written on the outside of the packages.



  1. Respondents shall submit one (1) original with three (3) copies of its Qualifications to the following address. The “original” shall be marked on the outside cover and contain a “wet” signature.


By Mail

Christopher Rose, 1316 Mayfair Road Jacksonville, FL 32207



  1. Qualifications will be received until 4:00 p.m. EST April 28, 2017. Respondents may ask for a copy of the receipt for their Qualifications received after the stated time and date may be considered non-responsive and returned unopened.


  • Respondents may email a copy of their complete and signed Qualifications to by the deadline and follow-up their submittal by mailing the one original and three (3) copies within two (2) business days. Emailed qualifications must match in their entirety qualifications received by


  1. The District will not be responsible for submittals that are delinquent, lost, mismarked, or sent to an email address other than that given




The consultant will be responsible for all aspects of the design of the project. Consultant’s scope of services shall include:


  1. Contact all jurisdictional regulatory agencies to determine the extent of sediment testing and analysis that will be required for the dredging


  1. Consultant to take the lead in obtaining approvals, authorizations and/or certifications from jurisdictional regulatory agencies. Respond to inquiries by jurisdictional regulatory agencies for additional information/modifications to


  1. Determine and execute the extent of plans, sampling, analysis, and testing necessary to obtain approvals, authorizations and/or certifications from all jurisdictional


  1. Prepare Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) for submittal to appropriate regulatory


  1. Make presentation to appropriate regulatory agencies, obtain and satisfy all


  1. Perform requisite sampling and laboratory


  1. Prepare and submit reports to appropriate regulatory agencies for processing and


  1. Attend project update meetings as necessary. Appropriate personnel are expected to attend based on scope/agenda


  1. Provide schedule with milestone updates (Microsoft Project or similar format). Updates shall include a Status Open Items list/spreadsheet identifying open items/tasks, priority, responsible person, and brief description of


  1. Participate in conference calls and the District board meetings when


  1. Consultant shall review preliminary bathymetric survey of project limits in 2016 and incorporate data on design


  1. Contractor shall design and provide plan sheets, detail drawings, technical specifications, and an engineer’s estimate for all that will be incorporated into the District’s bid


  1. All plans must be prepared in AutoCAD 2010 (or later) format. Electronic copies of plans & specifications, in both AutoCAD 2010 (or later) and portable document format (PDF), shall be submitted in addition to hard copies. It is anticipated that two sets of draft plans will be submitted at key stages of project development; 50% and 90%. Consultant shall incorporate Agency comments and respond to questions and concerns for eachreview



  1. Provide an Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Costs for the dredging episode, including the actual cost to remove, dewater, and dispose of the dredged material, in addition to any anticipated ancillary project costs (e.g., environmental impacts, ).


  1. Provide assistance during bid period (pre-bid meeting, pre- and post-dredging survey acceptance, respond to bidder’s inquiries, bid opening, bid review, and tabulation, ).


  1. Perform construction


  1. Provide recommendations for final contract


  1. Provide monthly status in agreed upon format to the District board per agreed upon schedule.




Please prepare and organize the Qualifications based on the requirements listed below. Cover Letter


A cover letter shall be provided transmitting the consultant Qualifications for consideration. The cover letter shall be signed by the person authorized to negotiate a contract for proposed services with the District on behalf of the firm/team.


Consultant Team

For each firm on the proposed consultant team, describe history, expertise, and other narrative information.


Provide consultant team organization chart, including all key personnel. Provide firm name, role and contact information for each member.

Provide resumes of the key team members that will be assigned to theproject.


Provide a broad summary of past experience as it relates to the scope of work. Provide a brief one (1) page summary for no more than five (5) similar projects within the last five (5) years. Provide contact information for references to each past project listed.


Proposed Work Program Scope / Schedule / Hours Budget


Provide a detailed description of tasks anticipated to provide the services outlined above and meet the project objectives.  Description shall include:



  1. Identification of major tasks, or range of possibletasks, anticipated to complete


  1. Estimate milestone delivery schedule based on tasks identified herein


  1. Name of project manager and individual authorized to negotiate on behalf of the consulting firm.


The final extent of the Sampling, Analysis, and Testing Plan will be determined during negotiation with the appropriate regulatory agencies. For the purpose of this RFQ, assume that three (3) samples will be collected and tested.


This is an “as-needed” task. The scope of work and budget will be mutually agreed to in writing before initiating the work.




After a consultant is selected, the award of a contract agreement is contingent upon the successful negotiation of terms, acceptability of fees, and formal approval by theDistrict.




Respondent shall be required to provide proof of the required insurance coverage as set forth below within seven (7) days of notification of selection of award. Failure to demonstrate proof of minimum insurance or failure to acquire minimum insurances will result in a forfeit of said award. The minimum insurance coverage required for this project is as follows:


  1. General Liability $1,000,000 ($2,000,000 aggregate)
  2. Automobile Liability $1,000,000
  3. Workers’ Compensation Florida Statutory Requirements    Umbrella                                                                                                  $4,000,000
  4. Professional Liability                                                                                                                $1,000,000




The District will make the selection from among the qualifications submitted. Each Qualification will be competitively evaluated on its strengths and weaknesses to develop a short list to interview (if required) against the following criteria, which are listed below in no order of importance:


  1. Staffing
  2. Past Project Experience


  1. Project Understanding
  2. Work Methodology


The District will determine if interviews are required. The District will select one (1) consultant team and negotiate a contract and fee. If the District is unable to reach an agreement with the selected team, the District will proceed to negotiate with the next selected consultant.




Negotiations regarding agreement terms, conditions, scope of work, and pricing may or may not be conducted with consultant. Therefore, qualifications submitted should contain the respondent’s most favorable terms and conditions, since the selection and award may be made without discussion with any respondent. If satisfactory agreement provisions cannot be reached, then negotiations may be terminated. The District may elect to contact another firm submitting a proposal. This negotiation sequence continues until an agreement is reached.




The issuance of this RFQ constitutes only an invitation to present responses. The District reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to determine whether or not any aspect of the response satisfactorily meets the criteria established in the RFQ. The District reserves the right to seek additional information and/or clarification from the respondent, the right to confer with any respondent submitting a response and the right to reject any or all responses with or without cause. In the event that the RFQ is withdrawn by the District for any reason, the District shall have no liability to any respondent for any costs or expense incurred with the preparation of this RFQ or related work. The District reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to waive any irregularities or informality. The District may conduct interviews with any respondent it deems necessary.


The District reserves the right to reject any and all responses for failure to meet the requirements contained herein, to waive any technicalities and to select the responses which, in the District’s sole judgment, best meets the requirements of the project.




All consultant team qualifications constitute an offer to contract, which will remain open for a period of at least 180 days from the date of receipt by the District.


    1. General Location Map
    2. Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc., Bathymetric Survey (2016).







EXHIBIT B – Arc Surveying & Mapping, Inc., Bathymetric Survey (2016)