August 2018 Minutes

Millers Creek Special District Meeting Minutes
August 9, 2018
6:30 PM at Mudville Grill

I. Call to Order – 6:30 PM

II. Roll Call

a. Attending Board Members: Louis Joseph, Scott Bates, Sharon Johnson, Jonathan Wright (Quorum Met)
b. Attending Others: Jay & Diane Pulido, Bobby Baker, Mike Oster, Joe Joseph, Marcia Hodgson, Joe Wagner, Wayne Flowers

III. Approval of June & July 2018 Meeting Minutes
a. June 2018: Jonathan Wright moved to accept with amendments, Louis Joseph seconded – approved by unanimous vote.
b. July 2018: Jonathan Wright moved to accept with amendments, Louis Joseph seconded – approved by unanimous vote.

IV. Open Business
a. Treasurer’s Report for July & August
i. Jonathan Wright presented the Statement of Activity and Check Detail for July   1  – August 9.
ii. Statement of financial Position as of August 9, 2018.
iii. Jonathan Wright also presented transaction totals by category since 11/1/2015 showing total expenditures and amounts collected. Jonathan Wright also reported that collections were not short as discussed in prior meetings. Collections were less due to early payment of property taxes, and payers receiving discounts, which also were applied to the assessment.
b. Jonathan Wright met with Auditor on Tuesday to get audits started for 2016 and 2017. They discussed QuickBooks and how it was not set up properly. Auditor will help to properly set up when the Audit is complete.
i. Regarding future audits, Scott Bates reminded the board to keep receipts if something is purchased on behalf of the district, so they can be submitted for reimbursement.
ii. Have an invoice from Wayne Flowers (Lewis Longman Walker) that needs to be paid. This was for the letter to Derek Noonan, CPA, Audit Supervisor at the state Auditor General’s office, and services to get Audit on track.
1. Motion by Scott Bates to pay, seconded by Louis Joseph – approved by unanimous vote.
2. We’re in good shape with the audits and should not experience any problems with city or state as long as we keep up with getting them done annually.
iii. Scott Bates motioned to approve the financial report, seconded by Jonathan Wright– approved by unanimous vote.

c. Dredging Financing Opportunities
i. Scott Bates spoke with Kevin Tuck at Synovus, will set up a time to meet with him.
1. Need details from MCSD regarding payback, security – Sharon Johnson will provide ordinances/regulations from the city.
2. Bobby Baker discussed the amount to be financed could be backed into by amount collected and the term allowed.
3. Talk to other banks
a. Mike Oster will contact BB&T and Ameris.
b. Scott Bates will contact Compass Bank.
d. Joe Wagner Engineering Report
i. Joe Wagner received feedback today (8/9/18) on the testing from the DEP.
ii. DEP verbally proposed additional sampling in the problem area, which was reasonable and expected. Idea is to have more samples in hopes of bringing the average concentration of Benzo(a)pyrene down into acceptable limits. Joe will finalize the plan next week, pending written confirmations from DEP.

a. JEA on-site meeting on 8/10/18 at 10:30 AM, corner of Olive & Tiber
i. This has happened 3 times in recent history (it’s documented).
ii. We may be able to request funding from the Environmental Protection Board, though it is not known how much, or if, funds are available.
iii. There was a general discussion about having JEA as a partner in this project, not creating an adversarial relationship.
iv. It was suggested that we approach other State/Government agencies for potential funding sources.
b. Need for Website Administrator
i. Our website needs updating, organizing, and continuous maintenance. The current administrator is an employee of Rene’ Pulido, but no longer has the time to keep up with changes.
ii. Sharon Johnson mentioned Kym Johnson as a potential web admin, and disclosed that Kym Johnson is her daughter. The board and other attendees discussed the possibility, and the fact that nobody really knew of anyone else and felt this would be acceptable.
iii. Jonathan Wright made a motion to approve Kym Johnson as Web Administrator, seconded by Louis Joseph – approved by unanimous vote.
c. Select permanent monthly meeting location
i. The Library has not returned our calls; the Church has not been contacted yet
ii. Both Bobby Baker and Jonathan Wright have offered the use of conference rooms at their respective offices.
d. Next meeting: Monday September 17th at 6:30 PM (location TBD)

Meeting adjourned at 7:53 PM

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