April 2019 Special Meeting Agenda

Millers Creek Special District

Special Meeting Agenda

April 29, 2019, 6:30 PM

 Mudville Grille, 3105 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207

  • Call to Order:  6:30 PM

  • Roll Call:
    • Board Members: Sharon Johnson, Scott Bates, Jonathan Wright, Tamara Baker, Derik Flint, Louis Joseph (Quorum present)
    • Other Attendees: Deb Bates, Rocky Joseph, Mark DeRubius, Joe Wagner, Chris McMorrow, Mike Oster, Marcia Hodgson, Lou Vaccaro
  • Approval of April Meeting Minutes – minutes were reviewed.  Jonathan Wright moved to accept, Seconded by Scott Bates.  Unanimous Approval
  • Open Business
    • Ameris Bank Loan Offer – SVP Commercial Banking Lou Vaccaropresented the banks financing proposal.  Willing to loan 85% of the project based on the City’s 12.5% and the property assessments. No lien is placed on resident’s properties, the lien is on the Districts Special Assessment.  Lou provided the commitment letters and proposal, the initial rate lock expires on May 7; we could close within 45 days.  We can lock in on the rate without a final decision being made on the company to dredge.  The District’s insurance policy is in alignment with the banks requirements.  Board will get back with Lou. Tamara Baker and Chris McMorrow will meet with Lori Boyer to request the entire amount from the City, negating the reimbursement of 12% of expenses as original terms stated.
    • Review and vote on nominations/volunteers for Board Members & Officers
      • Chair Sharon Johnson announced she is moving from the District, thus stepping down from her position.  Tamara Baker nominated Michelle Wright as President (Chair) – Unanimous Approval
      • Jonathan Wright resigned as Treasurer, Scott Bates will assume this position – Unanimous Approval
      • Scott Bates nominated Mike Oster as a Board Member – Unanimous Approval
      • Secretary position (open) tabled until May 20th meeting.
    • New Chair Michelle Wright assumed the meeting
    • Review and vote/approve Tamara Baker Scope of Work – Tamara Baker presented her Scope of Work, timeline, and contract to bid on dredging.  See Attached. Scott Bates moved to accept Tamara’s proposal; seconded by Mike Oster – Unanimous Approval
    • Mike Oster – information on NFWF (National Fish and Wildlife Foundation) Grant – Scott Bates moved; seconded by Tamara Baker, to move forward with pursuing the grant, obtain the 501C3, it was suggested we invite Ashley Hudson (grant writer) to a meeting, partner with local colleges (Quinten White JU), obtain a letter from JEA, and invite Leanne Cummer and Matt Carlucci to our meetings. Unanimous Approval
    • Establish location for MCSD monthly meetingsTo establish a consistent meeting location and eliminate costs to run additional notices in the Daily Record, the location of 3740 Beach Blvd (2nd floor above the Compass Bank), Jacksonville, FL 32207 was selected.
  • Next Special Meeting May 6, 2019; Next Regular Meeting May 20, 2019
  • Adjournment: 8:03 PM

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