January 2017 Agenda

Millers Creek Special District Meeting Agenda 

January 16, 2017 

6:30 PM at Cuba Libre’ 


  1. I. Call to Order


  1. II. Roll Call


III. Approval of October and November 2016 and December 2017 Meeting Minutes 


  1. IV. Open Business


  1. Treasurer’s Report  


  1. b)  Liability Insurance Update-Danny Pulido


  1.  General Update Wayne Flowers  


  1.  Review and Vote on Soil Sampling Proposal-Joe Wagner 


  1. e)  Update on Mayfair Village Apartments and Preserve at St. Nicholas. Inspection? Photos?


  1. f)   Discuss Board Replacement and Related Issues


  1. New Business
  2. a) 
  3. b) Next Meeting will be February 20, 2017 


  1. VI. Adjournment