March 2019 Minutes

Millers Creek Special District

Meeting Minutes March 25, 2019, 6:30 PM


Location: First Korean Baptist Church, 3202 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32207


  • Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM 
  • Roll Call:


Board members present: Sharon Johnson, Derik Flint, Scott Bates, Mike Shannon, Jonathan Wright and Louis Joseph. A quorum was present.

Non-board members: Deb Bates, Mike Oster, and Joe Wagner


  • Approval of February 2019 Meeting Minutes:  Minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve minutes by Jonathan Wright, seconded by Scott Bates, unanimous approval.



  • Open Business


    1. Treasurer’s Report: Jonathan Wright reviewed the Statement of Financial Position (as of 3/25/19), Statement of Activity for 7/1/15 – 3/25/19, and 12/17/18 – 3/25/19. Total Bank Account Assets $40,201.11 as of March 25, 2019.  Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Scott Bates, seconded by Derik Flint, unanimous approval.
    2. 2019 – 2020 Budget: Jonathan Wright presented the 2019-2020 Budget. Budget approved as amended to change the Engineering Fees line item from $20,000 to $111,681.58 (Amended 4/15: $109,115.58).  Motion to approve with amendment made by Scott Bates, seconded by Derik Flint, unanimous approval 
    3. Dredging financing updates
      1. Scott Bates
        1. BBVA Compass Bank: still interested in our project. Awaiting total project cost.
        2. PNC: trading voicemails and emails, will continue to try to connect this week


      1. Wayne Flowers – Sharon Johnson presented Wayne’s City Agreement draft.  Page 5 of the Agreement stated City funding would expire in 60 months. Motion to amend the contract to read “expire in 15 years or upon completion of the project, whichever occurs first” made by Jonathan Wright, seconded by Scott Bates, unanimous approval   
    1. Joe Wagner Engineering Report
      1. Updated table of dredging depth/cubic yards with ballpark costs
        1. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permit very close to approval for dredging 50,000 yards.  
      2. Conference Call with City: Solid Waste Director indicated it is possible to dispose of material within the Ash Remediation disposal facility located on the Trail Ridge Landfill facility with zero tipping fee
      3. Complete bid process – we need a hard proposal for dredging costs; we can be flexible on timing of the dredging
    2. Mike Oster Update on FIND Grant
      1. Mike will investigate the FIND Grant
      2. Joe Wagner will share information with Mike for him to pursue


  • New Business


    1. Tamara Baker/Jonathan Wright – Jonathan presented updates on additional funding opportunities
      1. Ameris, Andy LeFevre, has the packet; Mark Matthews also has the information and asked Jonathan for more information
      2. Heritage Bank: information packet provided 3 weeks ago. Possibility of $700,000, 15 yrs. @ 5.75%.
      3. Heritage is financing the Tarpon Cove (smaller) project.
    2. Louis Joseph: proposed a communication with the St. Nicholas residents to clean up the leaves in the gutters and drains and refrain from directing yard waste/leaves into the gutters.
    3. Louis Joseph will contact Pastor Lee regarding the need to post No Trespassing signs in the wooded area on the corner of Atlantic and Gay Street.  JSO will not investigate activity in the wooded area unless signs are posted.


  • Next meeting April 15, 2019.  
  • Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM



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