May 2018 Minutes

May 21, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Attending Board Members: Sharon Johnson, Jonathan Wright, Derik Flint, Barbara McMorrow, Tamara Baker

Attending Others: Joe Wagner, Gary Hall, Deb Bates

Quorum was Present

Meeting called to order: 6:31 pm


Review & Approval of April Minutes:     Jonathan moved to approve as amended, Derik seconded,

Approved by unanimous vote

Review of minutes noted amendments to be made:

  • Church Agreement – correct 99 years to reflect “one time usage” (as indicated in April, 2018 minutes)
  • General Update Report by Wayne Flowers – change renewal/replacement of three board seats (2, 4 & 6) “by 22nd of June”
    • Derik Flint – willing to remain on Board
    • Sharon Johnson – willing to remain on Board
    • Barbara McMorrow – 50/50 to decide quickly
  • Scott & Deb Bates agreed to be Co-Secretaries – Moved and Accepted


Treasurer’s Report:         

Jonathan agreed to get with Scott and/or Derek to get a tutorial on QuickBooks. Jonathan asked to pay an invoice of $676.00 for legal services to Lewis Longman @Walker due. Derik moved to approve payment, Tamara seconded. Approved by unanimous vote.


April 21 to May 21, 2018 – Fiscal Yr July 1:

  • Revenue: Gross Receipts $   727.74
  • Expenditures (Admin, Taxes & Licenses $ 17, 842.46
  • Net Operating Revenue $-17,114.72


July 1, 2017 – May 21, 2018:

  • Revenue: Gross Receipts $78,168.92
  • Expenditures:
    • Bank charges 1,139.50
    • Legal/Professional Fees 26,482.28
    • General/Admin 00
    • Stationary & printing 345.00
    • Taxes & Licenses 17,987.46 $46,239.24
  • Net Operating Revenue $31,929.68


  • Amec Foster/Wood $2,453.14, still owe $16,349.50 when billed
  • Financial Daily Record $
  • Bank charges $1140.00 – seems unreasonable, investigate ($21 bank charge in March)


Jonathan moved to approve the Budget, Barbara seconded. Approved by unanimous vote.


Engineering Update:

Discussion continued on approval and signing of the Professional Services Agreement.

During April’s meeting there were concerns about the cost. Joe shared his discussions with the City and they have discounted their fee to $5,000. Initial cost was $77,000, now discounted to $68,356

Discussion on going back to the City to regarding their 12% contribution compared to other project that are receiving 35% of the needed funding and readdressing the waiver of the tipping fee (McCoy’s Creek, Hogan’s Creek).

Joe shared the data collection is necessary to produce the permit application set and submit for permitting. DEP talked about 2 levels of numbers, how they judge material; residential one level, industrial another level – these are guideline numbers. Discussion on amending the Agreement to limit core samples from 8 down to 5.

We have $84,000 due to Foster/Wood, we have $102,000 in the bank and a bill of $7,000 for the auditing. Tax assessments are due in November and December. How soon does this have to be paid? $56,184 due in about 4 months (October ’18).

Barbara moved to approve the signing of the PSA (with the 5 core sample amendment), seconded by Jonathan. Unanimous approval to sign and move forward.


Liability Insurance:          It has been received and is in our records.

New Business:

  • June 18th Meeting – Sharon and Derik are not available
  • July 16th Assessment Meeting – Jonathan is not available, Derik 50/50 on availability. We must have a quorum for this meeting.
    • Include Wayne Flowers in the July meeting invitation
  • Publish a special notice in the Daily Record – Wayne sends it `(Sharon will look up the details on how the notice works)
  • When it became known the Fishweir project was going to happen, Joe began gathering information. We can benefit from learning how this project qualifies for 35% funding from the City. Tamara stated we need to make sure we understand, know what questions to ask and how to pose those inquiries. The City likes that we’ve taken the initiative, but we’re just a small piece of these initiatives.
  • There are other opportunities to investigate as well: find grants, Public Waterways, FL DEP – Springs Restoration Funding, etc.
    • Do we need a committee to start approaching these groups – Bobby Baker should be asked on what and who we need to see/do. Barbara agreed to spear-head the committee, and will seek assistance from Joe.
  • Alex Varkonda is reviving the St. Nicholas Preservation Society (SNAP). Informational meeting June 11th in Mudville Grill, River Room, stop in and check it out.


Next Meeting:   June 18, 2018


Meeting adjourned at 7:38 p

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