June 2019 Minutes

Millers Creek Special District

Meeting Minutes June 24, 2019, 6:30 PM

Location: 3740 Beach Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32207

  1. Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM

  2. Roll Call:

Board members present: Michelle Wright, Mike Shannon, Louis Joseph and Scott Bates. A quorum was present.

Non-board members: Deb Bates, Jonathan Wright, Jack McWilliams, Wayne Flowers, and Hedi Anderson

  1. Approval of May 20, 2019 Meeting Minutes:  Minutes were reviewed. Motion to approve minutes was made by Louis Joseph, seconded by Scott Bates, unanimous approval.
  1. Open Business
    1. Treasurer’s Report: Scott Bates reviewed the Statement of Financial Position (as of 6/24/19), Statement of Activity for 7/1/15 – 6/24/19, and 5/20/19 – 6/24/19. Total Bank Account Assets $39,221.60 as of June 24, 2019.  Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Louis Joseph, seconded by Mike Shannon, unanimous approval.
    1. “Dredge Millers Creek” Grant Documents – Mike Oster
      1. Mike Oster was not present but Michelle Wright gave an update that we were declined for the grant but we will apply again and submit for other grant opportunities.  We now have our 501 3C so we can apply annually.
    1. Update on USACE Permit; Michelle Wright gave the update that we were officially approved on May 29th and are permitted to dredge up to 10 feet.  We do need to update the Army Corps of the date of when the work will begin, any pause in the project and the date of completion.
    1. Update on Ameris Loan; Michelle Wright gave the update that we will be closing tonight after the meeting with Lou Vaccaro from Ameris, Wayne and Jack from Lewis Longman and Walker

A motion was then made by Louis Joseph to move our bank accounts from Bank of America over to Ameris Bank.  It was seconded by Mike Shannon, unanimous approval.

  • Update on COJ Funding Agreement; City council is meeting June 25th to approve the Millers Creek Special District to receive the full $275K instead of 12% of the project. The meeting will be at 5:30 PM. Michelle recommended that someone from the district attend.
    • Bid Package: Tamara Baker was on the phone and gave an update. The feedback from Wayne Flowers was that the bid package looks good so it should be submitted to dredge companies. Tamara is going to send it out to companies that she knows. Michelle Wright is going to work on getting it published in the Daily Record and Financial News.
  • New Business
    • Notice of procedure for the next Board meeting – At the next meeting we need to vote on the assessment and it has to locked in for 10 years and needs to be approved at the highest amount per owner of $3000 annually.. We have decided to move the meeting to Tamara Bakers office and Deb Bates said she would get it published as it requires a 21 day notice.
    • Environmental Protection meeting: Jonathan Wright gave an update that in July he will be making a presentation to the Environmental Board for funds to assist the Millers Creek Special District in removing the Benzo pyrene material from the middle of the creek. He hopes that they will give $10,000.
  • Next meeting July 22, 2019.

  • Adjournment:  Meeting adjourned at 7:03 PM

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