December 2018 Minutes

Millers Creek Special District
Meeting Minutes December 17, 2018, 6:30 PM

Location: First Korean Baptist Church, 3202 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 31107

I. Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 6:33.

II. Roll Call:
Board members present: Sharon Johnson, Derik Flint, Scott Bates, Tamara Baker, Louis Joseph, and Jonathan Wright. A quorum was present.
Non-board members: Deb Bates, Gary Hall, Sandra Oster, Joe Wagner, Mike Shannon, Marsha Hodgson, Dustin Hawley, Scott Jaikin, Mr/Mrs Hooslin (nephew of owner of house next to Louis Joseph)

III. Approval of October 2018 Meeting Minutes: Minutes were reviewed, no changes were required. Motion to approve minutes by Jonathan Wright, seconded by Scott Bates, unanimous approval.

IV. Open Business
a. Treasurer’s Report: Jonathan Wright reviewed the Statement of Financial Position (as of 12/17/18), Statement of Activity for 7/1/15 – 12/17/18, and 10/15/18 – 12/17/18. Jonathan provided revenue received since last meeting and funds available for debt payment.
b. Total Bank Account Assets $78,648.12 as of 12/17/18
c. Motion to approve treasurer’s report by Louis Joseph, seconded by Scott Bates, unanimous approval.

d. Dredging financing updates
i. Mike Oster – BB&T and AmerisBank – No update, Mike was not present at meeting.

ii. Scott Bates
1. BBVA Compass Bank very interested. Michael Calvey is waiting on us to provide project cost. Meeting set for January, 2019; Scott, Sharon, and Jonathan will attend.
2. Synovus would like a number from the dredging company, Scott will prepare a packet using the email sent to Compass

iii. Barbara McMorrow – Community First Credit Union – Barbara not present at meeting but had shared they were not too interested in the project.

iv. Tamara Baker
1. Will contact Lori Boyer regarding the City funds, when they become available to us and how to obtain.
2. Has contacts with First Florida and Wells Fargo, will do an intro for Scott
3. JEA – possibility for improvements on the South side of the bridge; they could do an eco-restoration project. Louis had breakfast with Lindsey.

e. Joe Wagner Engineering Report
i. 2nd test results are in and are favorable, ready to present to DEP.
ii. Joe and Louis to meet with the City in early/mid-January, 2019, to discuss restoration projects that have been funded and scheduled repairs to drains in/near our project.
iii. Update on Linden Ave. remediation (how it effects MCSD project)
iv. Thank You letter to Lori Boyer for submitting funding request.

V. New Business
a. Three (3) board seats up for re-election
i. Chair – Sharon Johnson, ran and was unopposed, will renew position as Chair
ii. Derik Flint – ran and was unopposed, will renew his seat on the Board as Vice Chair
iii. Mike Shannon – has accepted a position as Board Member #6, filling open seat from Barbara McMorrow, effective January 1, 2019.

VI. Next meeting January 21st, 2019.

VII. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:39 p.m.

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