August 2019 Minutes

Millers Creek Special District

Meeting Minutes – August 19, 2019, 6:30 PM

3740 Beach Blvd (2nd floor above Compass Bank), Jacksonville, FL 32207

  • Call to Order:  6:31 PM

  • Roll Call:
    • Board Members: Michelle Wright, Tamara Baker, Scott Bates, Derik Flint, Louis Joseph, Mike Oster, Mike Shannon (Quorum present)
  • Other Attendees: Marcia Hodgson, John Roland, John Roland IV, Joe Wagner, Chris McMorrow, Lance Young, Wayne Flowers, Deb Bates
  • Approval of 7/22 Minutes – Mike Oster made motion to accept the July 22, 2019 minutes as written, seconded by Scott Bates (Unanimous approval)
  • Open Business
  • Treasurer’s Report – Scott Bates reviewed the 8/18 Statement of Financial Position, total assets $28,312.60; the 7/1 – 8/18 Statement of Activity, expenditures $278.25.  Louis Joseph made motion to accept the report, seconded by Derik Flint (Unanimous approval)
  • Update on COJ Funding Agreement – Tamara Baker, the requested changes for the Amount on the agreement had not been changed; the attorney’s need to get together and have the City make the verbiage changes as discussed.  Tamara and Chris McMorrow will talk with Lori Boyer and Leanna Cumber.
  • Update on Environmental Protection Board Request for Funds – Michelle Wright the EPB board approved a grant for $50,000 for the MCSD restoration project.
  • New Business
    •  Bid Proposal Review Process – Wayne Flowers
      The MCSD board vets the bids.  They are a government entity, special district board and are bound to award the contract based on the lowest responsible bid per the bid specifications.
    • Review and Discuss Bid Proposals: Dames Point Workboats, Gator Dredging, Dredge-it, Brance Diversified
      • All four (4) companies met the bid specifications.  The contract was awarded to the lowest bid, Dredge-it.  Mike Oster made motion to accept Dredge-it as the project contractor, seconded by Scott Bates (Unanimous approval)
      • Questions/Open Discussion
        • From John Roland – inquired about the two lowest bidders’ previous experience of a project this size
        • From John Roland IV – inquired about completion timeline
        • Lance Young (Brance Diversified) – inquired about method of dredging
        • Bonds
          • Covers the payment of all sub-contractors, performance by specific completion date
          • Removes liability from the MC Special District
          • Michelle Wright will obtain information on the cost of the Bond through SureTec
          • Tamara Baker made motion to move forward with the performance bond, seconded by Scott Bates (Unanimous approval)
        • Liquidated damages – discussed adding to contract
        • Pre and Post test core samples (ECS) of church parking lot
        • Next steps:
          • Pre-construction meeting with Dredge-It before signing contract
          • Work with Wayne Flowers on the contract for 9/16 meeting; Tamara recommended providing a draft contract to Dredge-It to review by Labor Day
          • Michelle Wright volunteered to be point person during the project, Scott Bates and Chris McMorrow as backup.
  • Next meeting September 16th, 2019, 6:30 PM
  • Adjournment:  7:15 PM

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