October 2017 Minutes



The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by Chair Rene Pulido.

ROLL CALL: Board Present-Rene Pulido, Derik Flint, Sharon Johnson, Chris Rose, Jonathan Wright, Barbara McMorrow,  Louis Joseph.  A quorum was present. Others Present- Gary Hall, Joe Wagner, Mike Shannon, Councilwoman Lori Boyer,  Mike Oster and Sandra Oster.

SEPTEMBER MINUTES:  Motion by Jonathan Wright to approve the September Minutes was seconded by Derik Flint. The vote was unanimous in favor.

POSSIBLE FUNDING:  Councilwoman Lori Boyer chairs the Jacksonville Waterways Commission.  She believes it may be possible to obtain funding toward our dredging project from the Commission and will submit a proposal on our behalf at the appropriate time. Pursuant to the Statute, up to 12% must be contributed to qualifying special districts. We are not currently on the qualified list and so it must be determined if we qualify to be placed on the list.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The Treasurer’s Report was provided by Chris Rose. The current bank account balance is $71,151.00.   An invoice in the amount of $260.00 ( Lewis, Longman, Walker) was presented for approval, along with the monthly $15.00 (Intuit) cost.  Motion by Jonathan was seconded by Sharon to approve the Treasurer’s Report and payment of both invoices.  The vote was unanimous in favor.  Chris suggested our bank debit card be substituted for Sharon’s personal card to handle the Daily Record publishing costs. Sharon, as Secretary, suggested she be provided with the MCSD debit card to pay the various MCSD expenses she pays on the District’s behalf. The Board agreed and Chris provided Sharon with the debit card. Sharon will continue to provide invoices and receipts to Chris for the Board’s approval.

FINANCIAL AUDIT: After much discussion regarding the audit, Lori Boyer advised MCSD is not required to provide an audit based on  our Resolution passed on October 27, 2016. Board members questioned why, given that information, we have been searching for an Auditor for a number of months. This is a question for our attorney, Wayne Flowers.

SUBCOMMITTEE UPDATES:  Barbara McMorrow, Gary Hall, and Joe Wagner met with a representative of Morning Glory Christian Fellowship to continue discussions about the use of church property for dredging purposes. The meeting with MGCF went well and, as a result, Gary drafted and furnished the Board a preliminary draft of an Agreement.  After extensive review by the Board, it was suggested that Sharon Johnson, along with Joe Wagner, prepare the changes made by the Board and present the revised Agreement to the Board and our attorney, Wayne Flowers, for review and action at our next meeting.

JOSEPH AND THILGES PROPERTIES:  Louis Joseph raised concerns regarding the dredging project and use of the MGCF property as it may affect his and Kate Thilges’ properties. Louis wanted to know why he and Kate cannot have the dredged silt for use at their properties. After hearing from Louis and several board members, Chair Rene advised the matter would be taken under consideration and discussion will continue, upon proper motion, at our next meeting.

FREQUENCY OF MEETINGS: Barbara suggested the Board meet more often in order move the dredging process along more rapidly. After some discussion, it appeared we are on schedule and the issue was tabled.

RIVERKEEPER EVENT TICKETS:  Barbara offered tickets to members of the Board for two Riverkeeper events in November. She felt attendance by the Board might offer opportunities for connections to aid in our dredging project.

SECOND ANNUAL MILLERS CREEK CLEAN UP: Sharon advised there would not be sufficient time to organize a second river clean up prior to the end of the year. The issue was tabled until after the first of next year. Jonathan agreed to contact DEP and Public Works, COJ, regarding possible cleanup help they might render.

Councilwoman Boyer advised the “Save Millers Creek” website must be updated with all relevant and necessary documents.

There being no additional business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:38 P.M.

REMINDERS:  Future meetings will be held monthly on the third Monday of each month. The December meeting will be an exception and will be held on December 11, 2017.

The legal address for “MCSD” is Millers Creek Special District, Sharon Johnson, Secretary, P.O. Box 47375, Jacksonville, FL 32247.



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