October 2018 Minutes

Millers Creek Special District
Meeting Minutes October 15, 2018, 6:30 PM

Location: First Korean Church, 3202 Atlantic Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 31107

I. Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 6:35.
II. Roll Call: Board members present: Sharon Johnson, Jonathan Wright, Barbara McMorrow,
and Scott Bates. A quorum was present. Non-board members: Joe Wagner, Mike
III. Approval of September 2018 Meeting Minutes: Minutes were reviewed, no changes were
required. Motion to approve minutes by Jonathan Wright, seconded by Barbara McMorrow,
unanimous approval.
IV. Open Business
a. Treasurer’s Report: Jonathan Wright reviewed the Statement of Financial Position (as
of 10/15/18), Statement of Activity for 7/1/15 – 10/15/18, 7/1/18 – 10/15/18, and 9/18/18
– 10/15/18. He also noted there were several checks written after the report was
printed, bringing the book cash balance down to $54,036.36. Jonathan Wright also
noted that we have approved a total amount of $138K to Wood Environmental for their
services, of which we have paid approx. $48K so far. Motion to approve treasurer’s
report by Barbara McMorrow, seconded by Scott Bates, unanimous approval.
b. Dredging financing updates
i. Mike Oster – BB&T and AmerisBank – No update, Mike was not present at
meeting. Scott Bates will contact Mike about progress and offer any help if
ii. Scott Bates – Synovus and Compass Bank – Has been in contact with both,
further information required by both. Sending 2017 and 2018 Audits and need to
give them opinion of cost from Wood. Scott also let them know the city will be a
funding partner, approving $275K in their budget. Sharon Johnson and Jonathan
Wright need to complete a business credit application for Compass Bank.
iii. Barbara McMorrow – Community First Credit Union – Barbara would like
an info packet to present to Community First, Scott Bates will create the packet.
The info will also be sent to Joe Wagner.

c. Joe Wagner Engineering Report
i. Opinion of Probable Cost: Joe produced an estimation of probable cost based on
all of zone A1 needing to be disposed of in a landfill certified for hazardous waste
but noted this was worst case scenario. He also presented this as further
justification for additional testing to minimize what needs to be handled as

hazardous materials.
ii. Dredging Permit: We will hear from the DEP on 10/21 regarding permit approval.
iii. Letter from Lori Boyer: Joe Wagner suggested we get a letter from Lori
Boyer explaining the project’s importance and noting the city’s financial
contribution. We would then present this to financial institutions, potential funding
agencies, etc.

d. Pastor Lee’s signature and notary – Joe Wagner, Barbara McMorrow, and Sharon
Johnson: Will get easement agreement signed and notarized as soon as possible.
e. JEA
i. Joe Wagner will take the lead and reach out to Louis Joseph, to get the JEA
meeting scheduled with the contacts: No update, as Joe hasn’t been able to get
to this. He stated he will take care of this before the November meeting.

V. New Business
a. City of Jacksonville Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) budget approval: Budget line item
for Millers Creek eco-restoration was approved. All agreed we need to send a thank
you letter Lori Boyer for submitting the funding request. Joe Wagner will provide the
letter, to be signed by all Millers Creek residents.

VI. Next meeting November 19 th : Need to have a quorum present, as Jonathan Wright will be
unable to attend.

VII. Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:27 p.m.

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