March 2018 Minutes

March 19, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Attending: Board-Sharon Johnson, Jonathan Wright, Barbara McMorrow, Tamara Baker. A quorum was present. Others-Deb Bates.



  1. Raise your hand to address the board.
  2. No talking over another member
  3. If assigned a task, take care of it prior to next meeting. If you are unable to attend next meeting, please send status report to Sharon


Meeting called to order: 6:33pm


Approval of minutes:      Jonathan moved to approve

Barbara seconded

Approved by unanimous vote


Treasurer’s report:          Chris to pass information, signature card, and check book to Jonathan this week

Jonathan to pay bills and call CPA

Liability insurance:         Jaclyn Scharf

Jonathan to pay back volunteer contributions

New business:                    Budget approvals

*all outstanding invoices are approved to be paid


Joe Wagner and Barbra met with KBC and he is uncomfortable signing 99 years. He thinks no compensation 25 years. Two options:

  1. Term 25 years with parking lot
  2. One dredge – no parking lot or compensation

We could make a charitable donation to the church. Goal is to use spot and save $600K

Options to consider:

  1. Parking lot
  2. Mission money
  3. Steeple and paint
  4. Cash
  5. Landscaping

Pastor feels comfortable with one-time dredge

Motion: Barbara and Joe to have the pastor sign the contract for option of one-time dredge or 25-year lease dredge

Jonathan seconded

Unanimous vote


Candidate for Seat 5

Three people expressed interest:

  1. Scott Bates – new owner
  2. Kate Thiegles
  3. Edward Pulido – not a property owner – not been present at other meetings

Motion to elect Scott Bates

Jonathan seconded

Vote was unanimous. Scott is the new board member


Sharon implores everyone to walk the church property. It is decided that Joe will recommend an engineering company for pre and post condition survey on Kate’s house.


Tamara to meet with USACE on Thursday at 10am


Update on E-coli (fecal coliform) issue: not in our portion of Millers Creek – basically everywhere and it’s not part of our project nor an issue.


Budget – changed dates; fees should stay the same October through April

Resend the new numbers to Lori Boyer

1.7 million is the budget

Ask for money

Waterway commission board

Tipping fee? Talk to Lori


Tamara to speak with Lori Boyer and Bill Joyce


Barbara McMorrow motioned to approve budget with changes

Jonathan seconded

Budget passed by unanimous vote


If a board member believes Wayne needs to be at a meeting, let Sharon know in advance.


Meeting adjourned: 7:48pm


Next meeting scheduled for April 16th

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