June 2018 Minutes

June 18, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Attending Board Members: Barbara McMorrow, Tamara Baker, Jonathan Wright, Scott Bates, Louis Joseph

Attending Others: Deb Bates

Quorum was present

Meeting called to order: 6:30 PM by Jonathan Wright

Review & Approval of May Minutes: Scott moved to Approve as amended; Louis seconded. Approved by unanimous vote.

Review of minutes, noted amendments to be made:

  • Under Expenditures, $1,139.50 was incorrectly entered as Bank Charges; expenditure reclassed to public notice for the paper
  • Discounted fee $9,435, initial 77,791 now $68,356
  • $84k approx. due to Foster Wood Environment through final permit application (through Phase 2)


Treasurer’s Report: Jonathan will schedule a time to get with Scott on QuickBooks

May 1 – June 18, 2018

  • Total Revenue: Gross Profit $       0.00
  • Expenditures
    • General and Admin Expenses $       30.00
    • Taxes & Licenses    1,970.32

Total Expenditures                                                       $ 2,000.32

  • Net Operating Revenue $ -2,000.32

July 1, 2017 – June 18, 2018

  • Revenue: Gross Receipts $ 78,168.92
  • Expenditures
    • Bank Charges 1,139.50
    • Legal/Professional Fees 26,482.28
    • General/Admin 300.00
    • Stationary/Printing 345.00
    • Taxes & Licenses 17,987.46 $ 46,254.24
  • Net Operating Revenue $ 31,914.68


Transactions: Holmes Organisation (insurance); Bobby & Tamara & Irish Downey cashed reimbursement checks- everything now cleared; Intuit charged for May & June

We have collected about $78k, should be $81k, all paid but Espys – not a big deal and won’t hold up anything

Engineer Report:

Joe was hoping to have some sediment chemistry results for us, took a week longer. In-field work should be wrapping up this week, so far no surprises about what they’re seeing; seeing more sand that what Joe thought. Wouldn’t be surprised if 20-30% will be good sand. Once sediment test results are received and approved we are then open to attend meetings/boards; the City’s waterway council (Lori Boyer is on the board); Core (Corp) of Engineers (Fishweir).

The City could be our 3rd dredge, if they will allocate funds to our project.

We should have the project scope (total cost) by the end of August 2018


Tamara: In the newspaper it was reported the Department adopted 2 separate plans to bring the Water Shed tributaries back to health. In 2009 Miller Creek was named the #2 tributary to be dredged. In 2002 MC was on the dredging list. However funds were appropriated for the Super Bowl and nothing after.

It was suggested that we create a list of the City Positions/Boards to consider reaching out to:

  • JAX waterways commission
  • EPB – Environment Protection Board
  • BMAP – Basin Management Action Plans – storm waters
  • FIND – Florida Inland Navigation District
  • USACE – Army Core of Engineers
  • Johns Water Management District
  • FDEP – Florida Department Environment Protection
  • John’s River keepers
  • City of JAX
  • JEA
  • Division of Environmental Assessment and Restoration

Further suggestion that someone become the owner/expert for each City Position/Board. We will sit on this and await the August test results, then research who has funds and who does not. For the Fishweir project: 35% City of JAX, 65% Core of Engineers = homeowners 0/ZERO.


Savemillerscreek.org – we need to tag this to Mayfair and St. Nicholas websites

We (MCSD) doesn’t have the signed agreement for the church. Wayne Flowers never got it back to us. Sharon needs to sign, give to Scott/Joe.

Sharon has an invoice from Rene Pulido – for bills paid by his assistant out of Emed. Have Renee’s assistant provide a list of how much paid to Louis Longman, and we determine how much we’ve paid from MCSD.

Received bill for $3,333.67 to pay Joe – Tamara moved to approve payment; Scott seconded. (Name has changed to Wood Environmental & Infrastructure Solutions. Approved by unanimous vote.


Next Meeting: July 23, 2018


Meeting Adjourned: 7:14 PM

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