July 2018 Minutes


July 23, 2018

Meeting Minutes

Attending Board Members: Barbara McMorrow, Scott Bates, Louis Joseph, Derik Flint, Sharon Johnson

Attending Others: Nicole Spradley (Lori Boyer’s office), Marsha Hodgson (Resident News), Wayne Flowers, Joe Wagner, Deb Bates

Quorum was present

Meeting called to order: 6:30 PM by Sharon Johnson

Welcome: to Nicole who is attending to update Lori and to Nicole, we’re glad to have her back with us


Review & Approval of June and July Minutes:

  • Approval of the June 18, 2018 minutes were not approved today.
  • Postponing approval vote on the minutes until the following items can be clarified at meeting between Jonathan & Scott/Derik


Treasurer’s Report: Jonathan not in attendance


  • Review June and July reports
  • Concerns with sections of the Treasurer’s Report
    • Items not identified clearly (ex: bank charges 1139.50) requires clarification from Jonathan
    • Revenue income does not show money received from Espy’s
    • Taxes and licenses expense is not clear
    • This information is for public viewing, it needs to be clear as to where we are spending the money
    • Board agreed there needs to be more detail
    • Jonathan has not met with Scott/Derik; this was agreed upon in May
  • Invoice presented from the Daily Record $217.31 – Scott motioned to pay, Louis seconded – approved by unanimous vote
  • Scott moved to make the publication invoices with the Daily Record an auto-debit – approved by unanimous vote
  • Derik moved to have the QuickBooks charges auto-debited, if not already – approved by unanimous vote
    • Question for Jonathan: why are there two (2) $30 charges in the same month
  • HOLMS organization – our liability insurance. HOLMA has carried our policy for 2 years, annual premium is approximately $2500-3500. Decision was made to make installment payments, which was sold to a bill collector. Monthly bills are sent to our PO Box with a short window for payment. While Sharon was away a “notice to cancel” was received. Sharon paid late payments with her personal funds. The following Monday another monthly invoice was received. Jonathan was gone, deadline to pay was prior to his return.
    • Sharon moved to pay the balance in full so this problem is rectified, Scott seconded – approved by unanimous vote.
    • Authorize and instruct Jonathan to pay the bill in full, immediately
    • Barbara moved to reimburse Sharron for the liability insurance payment (personal check 197.33), Derik seconded – approved by unanimous vote

  • Renee Pulido reimbursement ($11,300) for payment of Louis Longman’s fees
    • Scott moved to pay Renee Pulido in full, Derik seconded – approved by unanimous vote
    • Check to be made payable to Renee Pulido
    • Jonathan is to request Renee to provide an invoice from him personally, not eMed
  • Bill received from Foster/Wood for approx. $6800. Will postpone payment until the August meeting


Engineer Report:

Joe distributed the survey packet. He reviewed the locations of the 5 borings approved by the DEP back in April. The depth for the borings were 12 feet.

  • Table 1: list of the borings and information
  • Table 2: list of metals which is generally the largest DEP concern
    • There were no exceedances for the metals
    • Arsenic level was the highest concentration, out of all the 5 borings, at .95 which is well below the standard
    • Metals were good
    • We are able to place that material in any residential area
  • Table 3: Pesticides all below standard
  • Table 4: PAH’s possible concern. It showed some hydro carbonate (found on roads/tires) Max sample 0.76, standard 0.7 for commercial. The soil target cleanup levels are not magic, these are a range and grade. The agencies determine based on how you’re going to handle these materials. We’ve had 2 meetings with them.
    • A1 is a potential issue, we could test further. Taking all sections and averaging it comes out to .147, barely exceeding the level.
    • Suggested plan to the agencies: we would like to test the area again. Hopefully blending it all together we can get below the standard, we are very close now.
    • There are no environment issues, this project is considered an environmental restoration. It has been kicked up to Tallahassee and we hope it comes back.
    • Area of concern is 6.5%, very small. The tipping would be there but only for that portion.
  • Table 5 PCB’s: couldn’t get down far enough to read, immediately took concerns off the table
  • Table 6 Sands: Good news, there is quite a bit of sand in all these materials. We are well above where we need to be, that’s a positive.
  • We can take 4 more bore samples, is the cost the same as doing 5. The price is $14,700 in the scope of a $2mil project.
  • Joe suggested we have the agency respond to what they require; this wouldn’t have to be paid until we put the permit in place. Will keep pushing. Should have info for us next month
  • We will continue this discussion in August



  • It would be a good idea for us to have a liaison/spokesperson from our board to attend various meetings (city officials, Lori Boyer, etc.) Tamara is an engineer, she did reinitiate this program, can we ask her to do this? If we have different people attending meetings and talking to others we might not be on the same page.
    • Derik would consider being Tamara’s backup
    • Derik will accompany Joe to the DEP meetings
  • ADD THIS TO JUNE MINUTES: “In 2009 Miller Creek was named the #2 tributary to be dredged.”
  • Wayne forwarded letter from Auditor General regarding the Audit not been filed. All info went to the person doing the audit. He said it would be ready September for the 2016-17 and will immediately do the 2018 to be ready for 2019. We have to do this annually.
    • Sharon spoke to the Auditor from St. Augustine; it takes several months to do this. Why are we 2 years tardy? Lori had said we were exempt. Wayne said that took away the City’s requirement but we must submit to the State. We have a duty and must take them very seriously, we can’t pass over it, not sure how it happened, I take responsibility for it also.
    • Wayne, will assist Jonathan in completing the form, they will be talking tomorrow

  • To-Do’s for the next meeting:
    • Financial report done electronically , separate from the audit, Jonathan is doing
    • The Audit, which won’t be done until September
    • Sharon:
      • Would like having another place more conducive to the meeting. A library or church. Give it some thought for next month and we’ll discuss it in August. Barbara will talk to Southside Methodist and the Library. Sharon will talk to Renee and explain why we need to move.
    • Post notice to the Daily News for the meeting date change from 8/20 to 8/9 @ Mudville
    • Board voted to keep assessment of $3,000 for 2018-2019 – approved by unanimous vote
    • Barbara moved to authorize the Chairman (Sharon Johnson) to sign the Adoption of assessment set at $3,000 for 2018-2019. Louis seconded – approved by unanimous vote

  • Nicole: This morning the Mayor introduced his annual budget. Lori Was able to get a line item in his budget, would be 12 ½ match, which is standard. The proposed budget is not approved yet. Lori authorized a letter discussing the importance of this project.
    • Is there anyone else who could write a letter, possibly John Delaney from the 2009 report?
    • The agencies respond well to these type of projects
    • Joe Wagner has copies of the letters from Lori and Quinton White and will send to Sharon

  • Sharon: Asked the Board to be very particular about their assignments and what is being communicated
    • Wayne confirmed we have a fiduciary duty and the Board must keep notes on discussions and adhere to the Sunshine Law
    • There must be a public notice with the Daily Record 1 time, 1 week prior if there is a meeting
    • At a previous meeting we talked about the agreement Pastor Lee signed. We were going to modify the easement. Change from 99 years to 1 time, etc. Sharon will send the April Minutes to Wayne relative to the changes needed
    • Nicole shared the State had notified the City that we had not filed the Audit


NEXT MEETING: Thursday August 9, at 6:30 PM



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