January 2018 Minutes




The meeting was called to order at 6:30 P.M. by Chair Rene Pulido.

ROLL CALL: Board Present-Rene Pulido, Sharon Johnson, Barbara McMorrow, Jonathan Wright, Derik Flint. Not present-Chris Rose and Louis Joseph. A quorum was present. Others Present- Joe Wagner, Kate Thilges, Gary Hall, and Attorney Wayne Flowers.

NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER MINUTES: The November minutes were reviewed. Jonathan Wright moved to approve, Derik Flint seconded the motion, and the vote was unanimous in favor. The December minutes were not available for a vote.

TREASURER’S REPORT: The combined November and December Treasurer’s Report was sent by email by Chris Rose. The report will be reviewed and voted on at the February meeting. In his report Chris Rose proposed Robert Thaggard, CPA, to prepare our 2016-2017 Audit. Mr. Thaggard has prepared audits for Isle of Palms Special District. Our cost will be $3,500.00. After discussion, Jonathan moved that we authorize our Treasurer to negotiate the contract with Mr. Thaggard at that amount. Derik seconded and the vote was unanimous in favor.

SUBCOMMITTEE UPDATES: The Morning Glory Agreement requires a deed and clear title search for the property prior to submission to the church, along certain language suggested by Wayne Flowers that includes the correction for the legal name of the owner(s) of the property. Jonathan will see whether the survey company performed a title search. If they did not, Barbara McMorrow will order one. When the proposed Agreement is corrected and completed, Barbara will provide to MGCF, along with the survey and legal description.

Kate Thilges presented her letter listing specific concerns about how the dredging and the use of the adjoining church property will affect her property (see attached). Each concern was addressed by our engineer and various board members. Following the discussion Ms. Thilges indicated she had no other concerns currently. She was invited by our engineer Joe Wagner to contact him directly should any concerns arise.

RESIGNATION: Our Chairperson Rene Pulido advised he must resign as Chair due to work demands. We are sorry to lose him. Sharon will speak with Board members to see who may wish to serve and what the position entails. Kate Thilges advised she would be interested in serving on the Board. Sharon asked everyone to speak with their neighbors in case we have others interested in joining the Board when a vacancy occurs.

TIPPING FEE: Derik Flint will contact Louis Naranjo with the Jacksonville Port Authority (904-357-3065) to discuss the tipping fee.

There being no additional business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30 P.M.

REMINDERS: Future meetings will be held monthly on the third Monday of each month. The next meeting will be held Fe

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