Ordinance 2014-700-E Budget Supplement Fiscal Year 2017/2018

The Millers Creek Special District
Ordinance 2014-700-E
Budget Supplement
Fiscal Year 2017/2018


160.100 Assessment
The District will levy a non ad-valorem assessment in the amount of $3,000 for each residential unit and each parcel with a canal access easement. From the Gross amount of the non ad-valorem assessment the following amounts are deducted:  (1) Duval County Tax Collector and Property Assessor charges a fee for services rendered in the amount of 2.0% and 1.5%.

Revenue Notes
$3000/residential unit X 28 residential units = Total collected $84,000.  Apply 3.5% charge for collections $84,000 X 3.5% = $2,940 fees. Give a revenue of $84,000 – $2,940 = $81,060

160.101 Interest income
Excess Funds will be invested in a non-interest bearing checking account at Chase.

160.102 Reserve
Reserves that carry over from FY 2016/2017 are estimated at $45,000.



160.110 Legal Services
The District’s legal Counsel Lewis, Longman & Walker P.A. will provide general legal services to the District, including attendance of monthly meetings, review of agreements, contracts and resolutions.

160.210 Administrative Services
Other Administrative Expenses include fees charged to the District to record, document, and publish all Board of Supervisor meetings and public hearings held by the District.

160.300 Accounting and Audit Services
The District is required by Florida Statues to conduct an independent audit of its Financial records by an Independent Certified Public Accounting Firm. The District will contract with a firm via procurement process during FY17/18.


160.800 Intuit Software – Accounting Software
The District has chosen to use Intuit Software to keep up with invoices and revenues for accounting purposes.

160.180 Communication Services
Communication Services include fees required to host, develop and maintain the savemillerscreek.org website which provides online access to the District’s official documents, including meeting minutes, agendas, reports, resolutions, etc.  This is currently being donated and gifted by the Pulido Family to the district.

160.150 Postage & Freight Services
Postage includes mailing of notices to the District, overnight deliveries, correspondence, etc.

160.140 P.O. BOX
The District decided to get a P.O. Box to receive mail and have an official mailing address for the bank.

160.300 Rentals and Leases
Rentals are fees associated with renting public meeting rooms to hold public hearings, committee meetings, and general meetings as required by the District. The District is currently meeting at Havana-Jax Cafe Restaurant and that is being gifted by the Pulido Family.

160.700 Insurance – General Liability
The District’s General Liability & Public Officials Errors and Omission Liability Insurance policy is with XYZ a service provided by the XYZ.

160.160 Printing and Binding
Printing and Binding include fees to print and bind the District’s official documents, including meeting minutes, agendas, reports, resolutions, contracts, etc.

160.200 Promotional & Legal Advertising
The District is required to advertise monthly Board of Supervisor Meetings, public hearings, and any services required to be advertised for public bidding, i.e. dredging contracts and other advertising that may be required in a newspaper of general circulation.

160.130 Other Expense and Charges
This item includes any expenses not included in the other categories including Bank Fees & Charges

160.170 Publications & Memberships
Other Expenses include membership fees, dues and registration for government agencies, ie. Florida Department of Economic Development.

160.120 Office Supplies
The District will need supplies for meetings including paper, pens and presentation information.

160.103 Reimbursement of first year Operating expenses
To get the project going the District received donations from homeowners that will be paid back to the homeowners once assessments begin. Reimbursements will begin in 2018/2019 Fiscal year.



160.190 Dredging/Marine Contractor
The District has current plans to perform dredging operations for the fiscal year 2017/2018.

160.400 Bathymetric/Marine Surveyor
The District will select a Surveyor to provide a bathymetric survey to calculate the amount of dredging that will need to be done. This will not need to be done for 2017/2018

160.900 Laboratory Sampling Analysis
The District has chosen to get a Laboratory Sampling Analysis for Millers Creek that will be provided by the Marine Surveyor.

160.501 Dredging Permits
In order to perform dredging operations during in fiscal year 2017/2018 we will begin the process for permits.

160.502 Spoil Site Fees
The Millers Creek Special District has not chosen a spoil site so no cost will be included at this time.

160.503 Navigational Aids & Markers
The Millers Creek Special District will maintain the channel makers for boaters once the dredging is completed. There is no expense at this time.

160.500 Dredging/Marine Engineering Consultant
The District utilizes consultants to advise the Board on dredging services, dredging technology, and marine construction for bulkheads and breakwaters.


The Millers Creek Special District
Ordinace 2014-700-E
Proposed Budget for the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year
Category Subject Projected Revenue
160.100 Projected Assessment Revenue by 12/31/2017 $81,060.00
$3000 per homeowner X 28 homeowners = $84,000
$84,000 – 3.5% (City of Jacksonville Collection of Assessments) = $81,060.00
160.101 Interest Income $100.00
160.102 Reserve (Carryover FY16/17) $45,000.00
Category Subject Projected Cost
160.200 Promotional & Legal Advertising – Publication fees $3,000.00
160.300 Accounting and Audit Fees $4,000.00
160.400 Bathymetric Survey $0.00
160.500 Engineering Fees – Engineering Consultant & Testing Fees $50,000.00
160.700 Insurance Expense $3,500.00
160.800 Intuit Software $180.00
160.900 Laboratory Sampling Analysis $1,000.00
160.110 Legal Fees/Service $6,000.00
160.120 Office Supplies $200.00
160.130 Other Expense $200.00
160.140 P.O. Box $112.00
160.150 Postage & Freight Services $100.00
160.160 Printing $150.00
160.210 Administrative Services – Public Hearing $400.00
160.180 Communication services and Website Fees Gifted
160.190 Dredging/Marine Contractor Expense (TBD) Target – Start Date – 3/1/2018 $0.00
160.300 Rentals and Leases Gifted
160.501 Dredging Permits $100.00
160.502 Spoil Site Fees $0.00
160.503 Navigational Aids & Markers $0.00
160.170 Publications & Memberships Fees $200.00
160.103 Reimbursement for first year operating expenses $12,650.00
Total Expenditures $81,792.00
Category Subject Projected Reserve
160.102 Reserve $44,368.00